Top 5 Car Insurance Companies


Jamaican companies are known to provide great insurance plans to people, in all life segments like health insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance, life insurance, etc. Today we will discuss the major companies of Jamaica, offering car insurance. Here, we have listed down five major car insurance companies in Jamaica.

1. Guardian General Insurance Company

The company is more than 150 years old. When it started with the first appointed agent, Lucas Nicholas, it was formerly known as Global Insurance Company. In 2012, a group acquired the company, giving it the name Guardian General Insurance Company.

Services Offered

The company offers a wide range of customized motor products specially designed for the drivers of today’s age. There are Home Insurance plans available to safeguard your home against any kind of loss, that might occur to your space. In the case of motor insurance, the policies offered are quite comprehensive, so that if the insured suffers a loss because of collision or theft, there is necessary coverage offered. Coverage is also offered to the third party, in case of injury, death, or loss of property.

What Do The Customers Say?

The customers say that the services offered are quite good and efficient and the staff is also very cooperative. The premium plans are available at very affordable rates, and the settlement of the claims is also quite accurate and always on time.

Address: 19 Dominica, Kingston, Jamaica
Phone: +1 876 926 3720

2. General Accident Insurance Company

The general accident insurance company is the leading insurance company in Jamaica. It aims to make insurance available at affordable cost and help families get insured, realizing their ambitions, and fulfilling their hopes and aspirations.

Services Offered

The company offers auto insurance, commercial insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, property insurance, motor insurance, and so on. The company specializes in motor insurance and gives comprehensive plans in its services.

What Do The Customers Say?

The customers say that there are a wide variety of plans available. The settlement of claims is also very quick and impeccable. The staff is also very friendly and cooperative.

Address: 58 Halfway Tree Road, Jamaica
Phone: + 1 876 929 8451

3. JN General Insurance Company

GN general insurance company is a leading motor insurance company and offers other services too in the terms of insurances. It was established in 1934 and is 85 years old.

Services Offered

The company offers comprehensive motor insurance, third-party insurance, personal insurances,  commercial insurance, super cover policy, agreed value policy, content insurance, and public liability insurance.

What Do The Customers Say?

The company offers quick and easy car insurance and offers great customer services and convenient online services. The settlement of claims is also very quick and accurate.

Address: 9 King Saint, Kingston, Jamaica
Phone: + 1-876-922-1460

4. Advantage General Insurance Company

Advantage General Insurance is one of the leading companies in Jamaica, offering car insurance and other types of services.

Services Offered

The company offers comprehensive motor insurance services, with comprehensive coverage in case of accident, loss, and theft. It also offers compensation to the third party in case of loss of property or damage. The company also offers health insurance, marine insurance, travel insurance, and other services covering all the segments of life.

What Do The Customers Say?

The customers say that the company has a really healthy atmosphere, and the services are very prompt. The plans are also very comprehensive at affordable rates. The staff is really cooperative in providing information about the plans available.

Address: 46, Trafalgar Road Kingston, Jamaica
Phone: +1 888 687 2442

5. Sagicor Insurance Company

Sagicor insurance company is one of the most prominent companies in Jamaica providing insurance. It was established in 1840 and has been in the business for 175 years.

Services Offered

Sagicor offers more than just car insurance. It does not only provide protection to our vehicles through insurance, but also covers damages, injuries caused, and the cost that even surpasses the value of the car. There are many motor insurance policies like Drive Paul – an innovative new technology helping us to save on car insurance, Cover Drive – offering a maximum no claim discount of 70% plus and additional 10% discount for two years, and other features. The company provides health insurance, general insurance, and financial solutions too.

What Do The Customers Say?

 The customers say that the company isn’t only offering insurance, but a peace of mind with excellent services. The services are consumer-oriented, and the plans are also very comprehensive, keeping in mind the needs of the customers.

Address: Sagicor Group Jamaica Head Office, 28-48 Barbados Avenue Kingston, Jamaica
Phone: (876) 929-8920

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